H2020 Project

H2020 is the European programme for research and development for the period 2014-2020. It follows on from the Seventh Research Framework Programme and the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme.

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The GDE AI platform received a €2 million grant from the European Commission’s SME Horizon 2020 instrument.

Thanks to this grant, we will be able to develop new functionalities for our platform. Here are the different application modules from the European Commission.

Workpackage n°4 :

Integration & tests +

Workpackage n°6 :

Project Management +

Workpackage n°1 :

Data Sharing Sphere


To create a tool that allows data sharing between the different parties of the ecosystem with no extra development effort to maximise the value, lower the cost and ensure sustainability and excellence.

I . Data engineering services +

DEMS into a complete data engineering platform that will provision, ingest, synchronise, transform, secure and manage any type of data (both from databases and text) at any speed (batch or stream) and located anywhere (on site, public or private cloud). Customers should be able to work with data in a collaborative, suggestion-based interface that reduces or eliminates dependence on IT skills.

II . Data qualification and certification services +

The current DEMS platform qualifies the ingested data by measuring its level of compliance to contextual business rules that have been defined by the users in natural language. In addition, ingested data is valorised in order to quantify the impact of non-compliant data on the business. These DEMS features cover all types of databases in a batch mode ingestion.

Workpackage n°2 :

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence inclusion


From the ingested data, automatically propose semantic data-models and business rules and lay the foundation for a natural language interaction using machine learning and AI algorithms.

I . Semantic data-model generation +

The current DEMS platform supports all the features on a modern data catalog. It empowers users to search, query and collaborate on data to gain faster, more accurate insights. As new data types and formats will be ingested through DEMS-Nixus, the existing features must be enhanced with the help of machine-learning algorithms to discover new patterns and give intelligent recommendations. Data in the repository will be then mapped to establish semantic data models of business meaning.

II . Business Rules generation +

In the current DEMS platform, the Business Rules are defined and populated by the users. As the goal in the new DEMS-Nixus is to cover various type of data (i.e. text data), it will be necessary to determine automatically Business Rules directly form the data using artificial intelligence algorithms.

III . Natural Language Interrogation +

In the current DEMS platform, the repository interrogation relies on scripts that are automatically generated from the metadata of structured and unstructured data sources. To cover the text data, a new interrogation functionality based on natural language will be required. The objective is to access to even the most complicated data and to receive real-time answers, unaided by IT, without query language skills.

Workpackage n°3 :

Community Management


To create a 100% business value- and purpose-driven social network for enterprises to foster symbiocratic collaboration across the full ecosystem.

I . Intuitive graphical navigation

II . Collaboration services

Workpackage n°4 :

Integration & tests


To perform software integration and intensely test DEMS-Nixus platform both internally and externally in order to provide the best possible performance of the final system according to the new features and clients expectations.

I . Technical integration and tests

II . Documentation

III . Pre-commercial pilots

IV . Final adjustments based on testing's results and pilot's feedback

Workpackage n°5 :

Pre-Commercialisation Activities


This work package is aimed to create awareness of the DEMS innovative approach among both GDE ́s existing and potential clients.

I . Dissemination activities

II . Business development activities

III . Financial plan revision

Workpackage n°6 :

Project Management


The aim of this work package is to coordinate the different activities of the project, monitoring the project progress to ensure an effective strategy towards goals and objectives. It includes the management of the administrative, financial, contractual and legal aspects of the project, as well as an effective interaction with the European Commission representatives.

I . Technical project management

II . Administrative and financial management

III . Risk management

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