The first AI platform for corporate governance that you can dialog with in natural language

1. Why

We exist to offer human kind an intelligent system that handles Governance complexity so that leaders can concentrate on building a sustainable future.

2. How

With an Artificial Intelligence Platform

– which really is intelligent !

– you can simply dialogue with in natural language.

– it investigates your data so that the organisation objectives are achieved without fail.

Dialog in natural language

3. What

Created upon the vision of a linguist and IT expert whose dream was to build a better world where leaders could concentrate on building a sustainable future with the help of management Governance system which generate excellence.

The transversal intelligence of linguistics and computer engineering


Already used by international companies, governments and SMEs.

The GDE AI platform received the Special Innovation Award at the World Innovation Economics 2020 conference in Davos and a €2 million grant from the European Commission’s SME Horizon 2020 instrument.

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