Dear GDE community,

We are thrilled to unveil our refreshed brand identity with a new logo and tagline, as well as the launch of our new website as an extensive rebranding initiative that accurately represents our vision and mission. While this is a significant change, our core beliefs and values haven’t changed.

Why did we decided to rebrand?

Since 2007, GDE has been positioned in a niche Data Excellence market, leading the way in innovation in all data aspects. GDE promoted the Data Excellence Framework and the Key Value Indicators to revolutionise the business management paradigm and the value creation. To facilitate the transition to the digital era and the new management paradigm, GDE developed the Data Excellence Management System (DEMS) platform with an innovative approach reconciling IT, business and data management to maximise the business value of enterprise data.

At this stage, maximising the business value of enterprise data with DEMS is a given including data quality, data governance and data privacy. Our next step towards our vision is to foster cooperation for crisis management and resilience creation across the business eco-system (governments and public administrations, civil society and economical actors). The cooperation in an exponential digital era introduces challenges like languages, data ownership, individual liberty and privacy. Moreover, connecting the data of the different parties in a way that makes sense becomes impossible without infringing data ownership and liberties. The GDE’s promise is to overcome all these barriers and to address this paradoxical gap by enabling ecosystems and societies to “create sustainable businesses with a true AI you can talk with” empowering the humankind with a new system generation.

The rebranding initiative coincides with these recent changes including the company’s internal structure and the introduction of DEMS-NIXUS (Natural Intelligence eXpended Universe System) which is the evolution of the existing DEMS, bringing new innovative features to the market.

For all these reasons, the corporate verbal brand transitioned to “GDE developed the first AI platform for corporate governance you can dialog with in natural language.” The rebrand reflects the development of GDE and vision for the future. Global Data Excellence rebranding is not just about artifacts but about the whole spirit and “raison d’être” of GDE. We exist to offer human kind an intelligent system that handles Governance complexity so that leaders can concentrate on building a sustainable future.

“Since GDE’s inception, my dream was to enable human-machine dialog in natural language for value creation and governance by value. For that purpose, I created and taught the Data Excellence Science to later found GDE, with my friend Marc Vengadabady, to embed the Data Excellence Science in an intelligent system for all. It is now and only now, the world is ready to embark into the NIXUS. I am proud and thankful about how far we’ve progressed in the roadmap. This is why, I decided to give a reborn to the brand. This newborn opens a whole new horizon of opportunities where the sky is not the limit! I would like to thank all persons and families who believed and contributed to the success of this amazing venture: GDE. Don’t get stuck in the past with KPIs and move forward with KVIs!” declared Dr. Walid el Abed, CEO and founder of Global Data Excellence

The transformation of the logo


We switched from the orange and red colors to blue and green colors as these colors represent sustainability, technology, intelligence, communication and trust.


We decided to use the parrot is the only bird that learns and talks human speech. Parrots can learn to say hundreds of words, and they understand what some of the words mean. Moreover, Parrots are intelligent birds capable of complex cognition, and it turns out that the genes that play a role in their brain development are similar to those that evolved to give humans large brains.


The new website showcases a modern and engaging, easy-to-navigate design. You will easily have access to information about our AI platform DEMS, our packages and trainings amongst other helpful and useful content such as GDE’s glossary and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). An expert area has also been created to share technical and scientific information.

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